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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  August 24, 2013 3:00am-4:01am EDT

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meanwhile, that's all for tonight's "willis report," i'm dennis kneale. thanks for joining us. lou: the house taking on obamacare. navigating to push and coax americas into obamacare. an essay now capable of are treating 75% of all internet traffic. the irs going after tax exempt groups. they president bypassing congress to push a cell phone tax to pay for internet in all schools. a senate majority leader determined to up the running.
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especially all this week. it has me feeling very weak. so much big government firing on so many fronts that it amazes me that republicans have all but raised the right flag. the speakers proposing a punch. we will get into it later. the reality is right now. the air but government is back with a vengeance. and doesn't give a darn how much you complain welcome, everyone, i am neilto. we don't stand a chance. now we have a congress that doesn't only take a pass on spending, but a president who bypasses them altogether when it comes to taxes. the fallout for you is startling.
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with me now is a guy whose temper is kind of short tonight. tj, it's always good having you. you were kind of like that he said he saw all of this coming. what you said is that he saw this accelerating. >> you know, the thing i'm worried about is that unemployment is still high. it is persistent. we have been doing the standard low interest rates. the thinking that i did about it
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is that if i didn't raise taxes on the rich, i think that we have to take more money. the question is will that money create more jobs because the government a million dollars and jobs in these stimulus programs to create a job you create one job and you keep saying let's tax the rich are in order to create jobs. you don't count the fact that when you say that you take money from the wealthy, this is unfettered by better experts.
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neil: with what job gains reduce the, many have been part-time. and how impressive that it is they are hedging their bets. how long do they hedge? >> companies are sitting on profit and of course we are. when youhire somebody, in effect it's like having a kid. you're going to pour concrete, you're going to give them stock options. you wwll create a product that will take you a couple years to make. if you don't feel the economy will bstable with a level playing field, just a steady playing field for the next two years come you sit back and wait. and you rent out an idea of washington that could change the
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viability of the business until we get a president who'll just run a stable country. neil: what do you think of what speaker boehner is doing in the meantime? critics say he is taking a pass and others are more pragmatic and that they keep the ball moving. another temporary extension to get us over to the next like so many we have seen before. that rattles us from corporate america standpoint. because we never get to the core of our problems. we keep kicking the proverbial can on the road. >> i haveixed feelings about that. neil: do you think that he is moving to dspirit these issues?
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>> i think he is spearheading hicome actually. more squabbling among the american people, to presidents we have been listening to partisan bickering. i'm sure it is eager for new members. when you think about? >> i thought th it was ignoranceor hypocritical.
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they will be worse off, they're these people on welfare -- it's been going on for 40 years and it's not going to to change. >> nasdaq shut down on the bus. they have been kind of doing okay with all the bumps. >> you think it's missing something? >> i think that there is a
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reason. our dollar is not worth what it used to be. we have a manufacturing company that should become more competitive. so not smaller and more conservative companies hunkering down. neil: will we thank you for being on the program, tj.
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>> you're welcome. neil: coming up, by dennis says the nsa is a menace. and then look out, espn.
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neil: dennis has had enough of big government. but when it comes to the nsa, actually, yes, the former candidate has heard more than enough about the agency's surveillance abuses of the cost and overreach. so he wants to reach for the stop button. how about the agency altogether? >> if you look at the declaration is clearly violating the constitution and the laws of
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the land. neil: you sound like a libertarian kind of. >> i am. i believe in liberty and freedom. we cannot let big government and corporations to become familiar with the deeper principles of our costitution. neil: us what you think about domestic surveillance? >> well, one that's agency, the nsa, has unashamedly lied repeatedly, they have lied to
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congress and the agency has to go. there are ponies of importance here. if you violate the americans rights to privacy, you turn somebody into something that you are out of here. neil: you don't buy the notion that this is being done? >> we have to be protected from an essay now. and they have created this electronic protection racket in the 21st century. we are running in the '30s 40s and 50s. you want to keep it that way. we have to eliminate any kind of force within our government that
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is repeatedly violating the constitution or otheise we will lose our country in the sense this. we are repeatedly violating the constitution and polarizing the right to privacy. this whole idea that privacy is a spiritual space as well. that we have seen the violations by the tens of thousands every year according to defy the court. this could not be tolerated and it needs to be the highest standard applied here. and i think the ultimate punishment if you are done. neil: thank you so much, dennis
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neil: keeping that job limping along for another couple of months. it is how speaker john boehner's way of trying keep the vote of flow. liz macdonald says that she is not surprised that many people want to give him the boot. you say that that is a problem.
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>> listen, that is a really bad move. they didn't didn't have to do the photos have been expected, they are cutting housing in government. neil: do think he should go? >> i'm not saying that he should. he should not be so ready. >> speaker boener is doing what
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is passing for statesmanship in washington. i understand what you're saying. that is a temporary measure just to keep us going. >> and is it is far from ideal. but a temporary measure to avoid a shutdownould be bad for the country in his own party. it is the closest we can come to the administration, his own bed in the house of representatives. letting the leader who will see to their wishes and wreak havoc on the country in a completely irrespsible way.
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>> enough already i think he has survived because he has survived so far. neil: would you still own bank stock? the government was never ever going to rescue government was r going to rescue them again. but moody's is threatening to downgrade a bunch of them.
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take away the training wheels, would you still write this? would you ride this train? would you do so if you take up the argument that the government won't be there. >> you just look at the big guy and citigroup. a lot of the bank balce sheets are improving because they have been helping with the housing recovery. i will tell you that this whole thing about bailing out banks is so bad. we should not hav started on this process. the problem is when you have bailouts, why have this massive regulatory scheme. it sort of undoes rule-making agenda through and we are taking the training wheels off. but without that you're not looking at these things. >> the banks are the biggest of
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government bonds. neil: they are saying take that factor out of the equation. we make of that? >> there is a ray of hope here. from an investor perspective, that is the stability of this new perspective. instead of bailing them out, we are going to wind them down. >> that would be the logical affirmative to the advocate. it is going to be scrambling to the rescue. >> we are making steps in the right direction.
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the leverage ratios are down, the balance sheets are better. this is all relatively good news. they are making this contradiction. >> that means they are so inefficient, so dangerous and nontransparent. i'm not liking this too big to fail regime. guys, thank you so much. have a great weekend. i think they used to say that same thing about cnn about 17 years ago.
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neil: the professional football season hasn't even started. we are getting word that next year's super bowl seats are most completely sold out.
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it must be a very good omen for my next class. mittal said they both flew and had some time. and i think that they are more interested in the sports network at this time of year on fox. neil: you say that you're not a sports guy. although you're quite good at
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that. >> i had a little sports show here and there over the years. i enjoyed it very much. we uld always talk about this with my talkshow and cohost. and they say, what is this about? is he talking about sports? aughter] neil: you joke about yourself or your family. that is really great.
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>> you know, you have to do that. all of a sudden, on my notre dame schedule this year, it's the first thing we play. so i said we have to get bill cosby on the show. he flew down to give the temple team to talk. [laughter] neil: you have a pretty impressive role. so does it bother you? you just move on?
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>> well, i haven't heard that yet. i mean, people are interested in seeing how we will approach it. and what we are going to offer. that is what we are doing all week. neil: there a lot of connections already. but i notice that it's bigger on your pernality. was that by design? is going to be different? sports and en that define it americas is about the personality? >> i really didn't expect to work with five other people. but they have some interesting people in there. they have a great big football player from the baltimore ravens and the demo broncos. just a terrific guy. >> there's a guy who wants to be
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a comedian, they flew in a gal named georgie thompson from england who is into soccer. do you know much about soccer? neil: it's a sport where you kick the ball. [laughter] neil: it's interesting that in this country that it's big with our kids when they are young and then it falls away. >> absolutely right. they are in the schoolyard, they are playing soccer. and you got around new york city. they are playing soccer. we talk about soccer everyday. neil: you are a nice guy. usually people wh survive just have an equal quality to them
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you just love what you do. >> thank you very much. i just love television. they checked me out very carefully, but it worked out really well. but i just never thought a million years when i was at notre dame that i would be offered any broadcaster radio. then i was in the service and i would look at television and i would say, gosh, that looks like fun. but what can i do? i don't have a broadcasting voice come i don't have any talent. two tough guys, they went in as
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private because they were honored when on the battlefields. but anyway, the guy said to me, what you want to do in your life. now that you are leaving. >> and i look at these people on tv and it's lik don't you know that you can have anything you want in this life, you've only gotone chance. now do you want it. and i said, i just -- i don't know and he said, i said do you want to? and i said, yes, sir. it's the first time i said that. [laughter] >> one of my producers for mike douglas went out and had a job that they had.
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little roger. >> everyone is getting ready with musical chairs. >> i just don't know. you know, i'm surprised that mbc is letting jay leno go. i guess they are looking for the young audience. send sinecure ribena can ask that question. i followed you for years. i want to know neil cavuto. how is apple going to do next six months? neil: we will talk after the show. i don't give this stuff out for free. >> oh, you are hilarious. i watched you for years talked about this. i need help. anyway, what else you got? neil: i look at thelandscape.
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he seemed to be always up front, everyone going on around you. but what do you like to watch? >> i'm watching sports, to tell you the truth. because it's really important. neil: i coul be wrong, it could be an inner passion of yours. >> i mean, to see those guys battle it out. >> they're trying to bring this back and we have him on as well. we have those who are bringing the boxing writer. bringing the right spots. people love to see it. you know? >> you guys are hooking your wagon to this. >> please don't forget socc
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>> is that enough? you need to do stuff like more college football? you know, to get this other kind of stf that won't give up? >> i think that they are slowly moving into that rea. fox has looked at that. >> fox did get the chance to play at stamford. neil: he came out with a bang. it is not too shabby.
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>> i think that's just great. neil: and income at the time they were rich when they were ceos. neil: do you pay much aention to politics? >> welcome i really don't get into that very much. >> in the old days it was every bit as heated. >> i think that they were more genteel with the people. i started in san diego. richard nixon, you know what did you think of him? well, i said to him that i had a piano the end i heard about you
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playing the piano. and i thought, let's go. he played the piano forums and he was prettyood. we had a lot of laughs. somehow i got into im and so that he became a traffic asked. years later i ran into a guy named paul piece. and you know, he said wow, i love being with that guy. and really felt good about it. neil: it seems like it would be really important. some may have a type that and it would break down things with you. but we were doing a lot of these specials, leading up to the
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dreaded fascination, and here is how different kinds of work. in the interview john kennedy says can we review a couple of these questions. and they allowed it. they allowed it. goes along in a few. but that was a different time. for the the president said if we did it again, we were doing. [laughter] >> i think it's going to be very honest. he's beginning out there and taking it for whatever it is. cemented your at a tense interview? who have now come another day. >> but he is quite a guy. >> when you look atust the tv
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message, that young people today, my daughter for example, i think everything is on that. rupert murdoch says that this is just how it is. and transported and is it the same with i..? >> i don't have one of those devices. i really don't. so what is going on. >> in his soon-to-be bed. >> everyone is talking about little thing and it's kind of scary.
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>> at we have on the show is girl from boston who was into the situation. who is inside the internet. we go on and what is the latest on what is going on. we're covering ourselves. one of them is going to happen, i'm sure. neil: what have you done with all of your dollars? >> well, i have about six kids and i have about 13 more at notre dame. the scholarship thing is incredible. it really is. so that is what i am doing.
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>> a great accomplishment, a great fortune. they just want to have a blast and travel the world. >> i have a nice house in connecticut. neil: you just sold one in connecticut, didn't you? >> sni brought another one. sirach i'm answering all your questions. tell me about apple, apple up or down? [laughter] >> could you see yourself doing what the network talkshow? i look at all these things come in the big names come and they are good. not blowing smoke, i think and two of the best interviewers out there. i think people of all ages clearly love you. and i think a lot of these guys are across the board with all
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groups. do you ever want that? >> without getting in the mix with these guys? >> and the age factor would stop. >> the older you got come in with young people accepted a. >> thank you very much, i agree with you. why don't you how many? [laughter] >> let's call river right now you get him on the phone. [laughter] >> you look at this as a long-term effort? >> my first contract went to eat. that was here. and we had the other entries here. >> when he left have to make that decision.
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juno was going to be we tweaked? >> actually thought it was a full hearted mission. but it is tough when you go against the grain and everyone says oh, in your case, espn is the dominant player, good luck. good luck with this news channel that you will dominate. it's amazing how much i can seem to be wrong. >> welcome i don't know. they seem to keep going. they have hit this and they're running forward. i think age has a lot to do with it. i don't know anyone my age but isstill having this. i think it's a great bottom line. neil: best of luck to you.
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>> tell me about apple. [laughter] neil: if you are going to talk about this comment might be like carl icon. [laughter] >> thank you, you are the best. in the meanwhile, i hope that this has nothing to do with the ceo of microsoft announcing that he might be leaving in the year. i think we just put them up-to-date. it is kind been downhill.
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>> we were deeply disappointed with what happened yesterday. we did become live quite successfully. neil: somebody find me a body language expert. a whole bunch of train content them seem to be saying to the nasdaq folks that it's getting kind of long. which could mean trouble for all of those who have stocks residing on the nasdaq. if their exchange looks rocky, who are you to say that stocks like this don't see this as
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well? maybe just not some, what do you think? >> you know what his interview look like after this crash? whether it is the exchange, data coming in, who knos. but investor confidence was dead and buried a long time ago. the bailouts you guys were talking about. easier to find someone that believes in the tooth fairy. neil: would add just another level? but another level of caution? >> to the high-frequency trader, yes, absolutely.
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that we are glitch was like a canyon. but 99% who are not involved, absolutely no effect. i asked my wife at the end of the day, do you know about the nasdaq outage. and it's like, what he talking about. that is what the average person is saying in the systems of the worl neil: i love showing folks whooping it up. i said that you are every bit as impressive with incoming freshmen. so maybe it is just coincidental. but i hear that you are getting all of these calls to team up and do motivational speaking. and i saw that you are already a billionaire. so gary, i do know that once word got ou, the stock was
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jumping. >> i think what you read into it, he's really every horrible. i look back in the last 15 years in the microsoft stock has done zero. in that same time apple has not 000%. you know, i think that they need to start thinking differently. they need some of this in america. >> that could be you. you become what you think? >> a blogger said he looked like planet of the apes when he did
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that dance. the ceo accent to do that? no, i have long advocated that it's a good thing that he's gone. neil: all right, so you have this note. in the final blitz and speaking of apple, offering a series of new phones before apple's big announcement. it has a 40 hour per month preview. i guess no limit. hitler said i is because the advertising buzz is just slowly filling in. you're not so convinced about that? >> i am not.
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i thin it's just best to avoid these stocks. i never liked that. you have to keep paying every time. i think that's more stable way to >> i think that the company is are no longer losing innovation. i think pandora is simply
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stepping out ahead. neil: that's interesting. thank you both. have a great weekend. i look forward toeen a great we.
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have a great weekend. ♪ lou: thank you for being with us, president obama's middle east policies are no more coherent tonight than two and a half years ago when he insisted on mubarak's departure from power. the administration's lack of a clear foreign policy objective in eggpt dpled to the overthrow of mubarak. the muslim brotherhood's asession to power, and now the secular military's removal of egyptian president morsi and the violent and deadly clashes between security forces and morsi supporters that have followed. the white house, again today refused to exj -- acknowledge whether they will continue to s


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